The Code of Your Life

This moment, in every possible way, is entering your psyche through your sensory system; entering through your memory system; entering through your emotionally creative system to assist the accumulation of your perspectives of everything. All that you’ve experienced in every lifetime—as well as this one—is the code that’s translating into your cognitive experience. It’s all available as a vital part of what you’re working with … all of your beliefs and disbeliefs. This code receives guidance from your desires; they will either move you forward into the present experience, or remove you from it.

Your higher desires guide you forward into the present; your lower desires guide you backward into your memory. Sometimes it’s necessary to go back, in order to get your feet on the ground, by remembering the great lessons in your failures. At other times, it’s necessary to reach out into the vastness of the unknown future and experience that which is beyond your recollection … a future memory of the collective recollection.

And so the play of life unfolds within you, before you, and because of you, and as this play unfolds, you enter every room as the main character. Even when your role is in a supporting position to the story of the moment, you’re still the main character of your life. Therefore, whenever you enter a room, make it your home, and then enable everyone else in the room to feel at home. Enter the space that’s not yet occupied, so you can gain access to the time that does not yet exist. This may appear like nonsense, but when you dig deeper into your senses, as you go further into memory and future-memory, as you experience more profoundly the creativity of your intuition, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to transform space/time—to become that true alchemist.

Our prayer is that you ride the code of your life on this journey, that you take hold of the wheel like it’s yours, let the unknown nature of space/time be your inspiration that ignites enthusiasm, and let this enthusiasm drive the story forward through your human experience.

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Reprinted with permission from Guru Singh’s website.

Guru Singh is a third-generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and musician. He teaches conscious living through the tools of Kundalini Yoga.

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