Facing Truth: An Interview with Paul Selig

by Jill Virginia Mangino

In his works of channeled literature, including I Am the Word, Paul Selig records a program for personal and planetary evolution as humankind awakens to its own divine nature. Paul’s latest book, The Book of Truth, was released in 2017 and his next, The Book of Freedom, is scheduled for release in 2018. He leads channeled workshops internationally, hosts frequent livestream seminars, and maintains a private practice in New York City.

Jill When did you know you had a gift as a channel and an empath?

Paul I was volunteering at a place called The Manhattan Center for Living in the early 90s—I had studied a form of energy healing to gain a context for the stuff I was beginning to experience—and found that I could feel in my own body and energy field what was going on in the bodies of my clients. I soon began to “hear” for them, and, as I began to trust the information that was coming through me, I began to open up more. I can’t say that I knew that I was channeling until it was actually happening. I had been a playwright for many years, so the idea of opening up to other voices was not entirely strange to me. However, what was surprising to me was how accurate the transmissions I was receiving were, and how consistent the information and teachings were.

You’ve worked in academia for many years. Was it hard for you to come of the metaphysical “closet”?

My work as a psychic was profiled in New York Magazine. The article led with the line “Paul Selig lives a double life. When he’s not transcending the ordinary plane of perception in order to read other people’s thoughts, he teaches playwriting at NYU.” I’d kept a very low profile at NYU for over 25 years, and was expecting some kind of backlash, which actually never came. I think the world is very different than it was when I first began my work—people are generally more accepting and the reality is, there’s video of me channeling all over the Internet at this point, and not too much I can do about that. Goddard College, where I ran the MFA in Creative Writing, has known about my metaphysical work since I began teaching there nearly 20 years ago—they’ve been wonderfully supportive, but that’s a school that has an amazing legacy of experimentation and inclusiveness. I think their support, in many ways, was instrumental in my moving my work out into the world.

Many people claim to have large energetic shifts while reading your books or attending your workshops. How does that work?

The guides say that there are two books happening concurrently—the written words on the page that allow for the reader to comprehend, intellectually, what is happening with them and the text which works on the reader at an energetic level, which they say is the “real” text. Many, many readers are reporting large experiences while reading the texts—they can feel the energy working with them as they read and work with the exercise. It’s what the guides said would happen, and it seems to be happening all over the place.

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Jill Virginia Mangino is the founder of Circle 3 Media, a conscious media consultant and freelance writer. This interview originally appeared in OM Times.