Five Steps to Deepen Your Relationship with Your Spirit Guide

The lasting relationships I’ve formed over the years enrich my life in so many ways. In addition to friends, family, students, and colleagues, I have a close, personal connection with my spirit guide team. My guides aren’t far-off figures I call upon once in a while when I need help. In fact, rarely does a day pass when I don’t speak to them and feel their loving presence.

I understand that, while my connection to my guides benefits me, it also helps them. Remember Clarence, the angel-in-training in the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life? Helping George allowed Clarence to receive his wings, just like supporting and protecting you allows your guides to evolve to their next level.

How can you open yourself up to feel the presence of your guides every day? You don’t have to be a medium or a psychic to make this happen.  With focus, mindfulness and gratitude you can set your intention and invite your guides in.

Here’s how:

1. Create a sacred space. The earth dimension is a heavy and not particularly comfortable place for Spirit. By raising your own energy, you will make it easier for the guides to meet you halfway. In my book Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides, I explain in detail how to ground yourself, open your heart space and run your energy through your chakra points. All of these techniques will create a “guide-friendly environment.”

2. Invite your guides to join you. The guides won’t interfere with your free will, unless it’s an emergency, but they’re always there, willing and happy to provide what you need. The exercise below will help you to make them feel welcome.

The Invitation

Relax and clear your mind. Take a few deep breaths, create a space in your mind, and invite your guide to come close. You can telepathically say:

Welcome, Spirit Guide, please come to mind. Let me know that you are here with me.

You will get a sign that your guide is present. Don’t force it; put aside your ego and surrender to the impressions, feelings, and visions you are about to receive. You have to be as open-minded as you can. Immediately you will feel the space changing. It will feel illuminated. Invite your guide into your space. Merge your energies into one.

When you are ready, you can say:

I am in need of your assistance. Share any information that you have for me.

As you sit with your guide in your space, you may sense some thoughts being projected into your mind. Let the guide download into your mind any feelings, thoughts, or symbols.

Sit with your guide and listen to his or her teaching and philosophy. When it is time to stop, you can say:

Dear Spirit Guide, I bless you and thank you for joining me and sharing your advice.

Take some deep breaths and slowly come back into your body. Become aware of your feet, then your legs, and upward to your head. Inhale and exhale a few more times.

Raise your arms and center yourself.

Slowly open your eyes.

3. Learn about your guides. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to feel close. When you feel the presence of your guides, ask them some questions.

What name shall I call you?
Have you ever incarnated on Earth?
How will I know when you are near?
Why have we agreed for you to be my guide?
Do you have a particular mission to help me with?

4. Record what you learn in a journal. Understanding your guides is an ongoing process. Jot down thoughts and impressions that come through from and about your guides in a journal. Record your dreams, visions, times when you feel that your guide intervened for you. If you have multiple guides, give each one a section of their own. You might even want to sketch what you think your guides look like.

5. Remain mindful and aware. When you’re busy with daily life, it’s easy to miss the divine wisdom and guidance that comes your way. If you stay aware and in the moment, you’ll catch the changes in the energy, notice when your guides are coming through, and be able to benefit from the messages they have for you.

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James Van Praagh, recognized as one of the most accurate spiritual mediums working today, is the best-selling author of Talking to Heaven and his latest, The Power of Love.

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