A Reality Check on Resilience

In 2020, “resilience” became the buzzword of a new era—the gotta-have-it superpower to get us through a world turned upside down. By 2021, the shine was already fading fast. First, the New York Times got nervous. Their headline fretted, “Is Resilience Overrated?” Then Harvard Business Review worried they got more than they bargained for writing “The Dark Side of Resilience.” Finally, the folks at Forbes were just fed up with the whole thing with “Can We Please Stop Talking About Resilience?” As we look to the final months of 2022, is it time to let resilience go and look for another lifeline?

Or, is it time to get a better understanding of what we’re looking for? In RISE™, Kripalu’s evidence-based resilience training, we start with the belief that there are no superheroes. What we get in exchange is permission to be human. That means letting go of the fantasy that being resilient means getting through it unscathed. When we are resilient, hard times still feel hard. We feel the moment fully, but we respond differently. What changes is not the landscape, but how we learn to navigate. Today, nearly 10,000 everyday heroes in hospitals, schools, homes and offices are using their RISE training not to float above it all, but to keep their feet planted firmly in the extraordinary ordinary work of being human.

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Sam Chase, MFA, E-RYT, author of Yoga and the Pursuit of Happiness, holds certificates in yoga and positive psychology from Kripalu and a master’s degree from Harvard.

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