Ten Ways to Clear Negative Energy in Your Home

Is the atmosphere in your home feeling a bit stagnant, like the energy just isn’t flowing? Are you feeling lethargic and unmotivated, or having trouble sleeping? It may be that the energy in your home has become stuck or stressed and needs to be cleared.

There’s an invisible life force that flows through every environment, and when that energy moves freely, the space is filled with a vibrant, healthy vitality. But sometimes that flow gets blocked or becomes negative. Maybe you’ve brought stress home from your job, or you’re having frequent negative thoughts or emotions. These can get imprinted in your space and accumulate to create what’s almost like invisible “clutter” that slows down the energy and affects how you feel there.

It’s always best to have someone knowledgeable do a professional space-clearing in your home, to fully transform the energy, but there are also things you can easily do right now to change the feel of the place! Here are 10 simple ways to improve the energy of your space and bring joy and vitality back into your life.

  1. Sound: Play your favorite music at top volume, or walk through the space singing, or ringing a bell. Or have a party! The sound of laughter and happy voices are great at breaking up stuck or negative energy. Best not to use unpleasant sounds like clapping, shouting, or banging because those just create negative shock waves in the house—not what you want.
  2. Scent: Fill your home with fragrances that bring happy feelings. Perhaps the smell of baking bread triggers warm childhood memories, or fresh flowers instantly make you feel connected with the beauty of nature. Even just dabbing some perfume on your wrists can waft a beautiful scent as you move through the house.
  3. Fire: Fire is a purifying force, and it also stimulates the energy to start moving again. Light a fire in the fireplace, or place candles in every room. Even cooking on the stove can help, whether it’s real flames or electric burners glowing, to shift the feel of your space.
  4. Movement: Dance around the house, or do a vigorous workout to help break up stuck energy. Open the windows and let the curtains flap in the breeze. And if you have children, then you have built-in space clearers—just let them run laughing and squealing throughout the house!
  5. Light: Darkness can slow down energy, so open all the drapes and let the sunlight in. Or turn on all your lights, and if any bulbs have burned out, now’s the time to replace them. Walk around your space to see if there are any spots that could use a little brightening up with more light.
  6. Air: Many modern homes are so tightly sealed that little fresh air can get in, and that creates stagnation. Even if it’s chilly outdoors, try opening a few windows to let fresh air flow through the house for an hour or so. And speaking of air, how well are you breathing? When the energy in your space is stressed, you breathe more shallowly. Remember to take some nice deep breaths more often.
  7. Meditation: How you feel also affects the energy of your home. If you’re having frequent self-defeating thoughts, this creates negativity in your space. Do a simple meditation: Imagine your heart slowly filling with a golden loving glow. Once your heart is full, let that light gradually flow throughout the rest of your body, and then radiate outward to fill the room, and then the whole house. Your mind can be a powerfully positive influence on your surroundings.
  8. Furniture and Objects: The artwork, furniture, and mementos in your home all hold energy, good or bad. Are there any you’re keeping out of guilt or obligation? Place your hand on the ones you’re not sure about, and tune in to how your body feels. If you feel good, keep it. If your energy plummets, let it go.
  9. Animals: Animals naturally radiate vitality, so just living with animal friends can help keep your space clear. If you have a dog, notice where they tend to hang out because it’s probably a place of positive energy. If you have a cat that tends to avoid a warm spot in the house that they would naturally be attracted to, it may be an area of negative energy. Cats are attracted to those places and they help transmute the negativity.
  10. Clutter Clearing: Surprise—I’m not going to insist that you dive into clutter clearing! We vastly underestimate how much sorting through clutter can drain your energy. This is because each piece of paper, each book, each object holds energy that affects you on many levels. I suggest clearing out one drawer, or box, or stack of papers, and then do no more for a week. You don’t have to get rid of all your clutter all at once in order to have an impact. Even that small change can create a huge breakthrough with the energy in your space.

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This article was originally published on Jean's website.

Jean Haner has worked in the field of subtle energy for 30 years and is the author of Clear Home, Clear Heart.

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