What Spontaneous Transformation Looks Like and How to Access It

My development of the Spontaneous Transformation Technique began with a migraine that insisted on coming back over and over again. After years of pain, multiple doctor visits, and no relief, I found craniosacral therapy—an alternative approach used by chiropractors, occupational therapists, and massage therapists to address and treat issues of chronic pain.

This therapeutic process led me on a journey of inquiry that inspired me to study the healing modalities of Polarity Therapy, which is rooted in ancient Eastern philosophies. Its focus is on balancing the natural flow of energy in the body. I also studied Reiki, a source of restoration that, again, seeks to renew a healthy energy flow through a technique called Palm Healing.

Through the application of these personal studies and transformative experiences, the Spontaneous Transformation Technique emerged. This simple, seven-step process acknowledges the body as a miraculous vessel of holding and recognizes the emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances created by our retained thoughts, memories, beliefs, and experiences.

Every one of us is a healer. Each of us has within us the natural ability to change and transform anything by changing the beliefs around it. Dis-ease happens when an event or trauma occurs that causes us to make warped conclusions about ourselves like, “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t matter” or “It’s not safe to be seen.”

These create boulders in our energy field or qi that create illness and dysfunction in the body and mind. The opportunity is to start to explore, in a detached way, these past traumas and the beliefs we created from them. From there, we can allow the energies that got held to play out and release. The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is a system individuals can use on themselves to create a safe, detached mode of self-healing from the past. 

From abuse, abandonment, and physical disease to anger, fear, stress, and grief, the Spontaneous Transformation Technique helps individuals locate and understand the origin of discomfort, without revisiting the events that caused pain and suffering, and move from surviving to thriving by releasing held trauma and re-aligning internal energy flow. It quickly shifts withheld energy in the body to instantly liberate individuals from various ailments and heartaches.

What Does Spontaneous Transformation Look Like?

  1. Acknowledge your current triggered emotion in the moment. Use it to discover a new perspective.
  2. Ask: What am I feeling right now? Move your attention inward.
  3. Ask: Where do I feel this in my body? Move your attention to that specific place in your body.
  4. Arrive in that place, inside your body. Look around. Sense what is there. Describe it to yourself in detail.
  5. Ask that body part: What do you need? Then wait for the answer. Listen. It is usually a quality like support, acknowledgment, safety, love, compassion, etc.
  6. Ask that aspect of you: What would it feel like to experience that need as fully expressed? Allow the body to feel the fulfillment of that need.
  7. Try to feel or sense the initial triggered emotion. It will have changed, if not disappeared, and the body part will feel better, too.

8 Steps to Your Sacred Chamber

This is a grounding/centering healing practice which can set the stage for an even deeper Spontaneous Transformation process.

  1. Set distractions aside. Take a deep, cleansing breath.
  2. Feel the expanding presence of this moment. Notice how you are expressing yourself, your thoughts, emotions, without labeling, just noticing.
  3. Observe your body and any tensions and pain without judgment.
  4. From your perception of this moment, there is a center point of your being—a pure place of no thoughts, no thing—stillness without condition … hold an intention of journeying to that place.
  5. Imagine moving to the center of your brain. (If you know anatomy, it’s where your pineal gland is.) Imagine an elevator in the center of your physical brain. Step into that elevator and take it down into a new dimension of your being, to the deepest center point within. Physically behind the heart, below your shoulder blades, this is your sacred chamber.
  6. As you enter this sacred place of wisdom, connection and being, sense the nourishing warmth of this pure place within that is actually you and allow it to flow through you.
  7. Feel the atmospheric shift as you settle into pure stillness, which contains within it the essence of you at the zero point of love without condition.
  8. Tap into your beautiful, pure essence of divinity in this deep, sacred place, and know that you are home.

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Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed healing practitioner, best-selling author, and esteemed wellness entrepreneur.

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