Steven Leonard

Steven Leonard, a Lead Faculty member at Kripalu, is a functional movement specialist, meditation educator, teacher trainer for the Kripalu School of Yoga, and a Mindful Outdoor Guide. His goal is to support individuals as they experience a deeper connection, both physically and mentally. Whether you are looking to relieve chronic pain, reclaim your body, or train for your first 5K or marathon, Steven’s guidance can help you feel strong, balanced, and free. He is influenced by teachers such as Lorin Roche, Jonathan Foust (Sudhir), and Tom Myers. He is also an outdoor enthusiast, amateur sushi chef, and cares deeply for his family.

“Steven is generous and patient with all of his students, and he demonstrates the most remarkable ability to hold space for others and allow grace to lead the way.”—Lisa P.

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  • Meditation: A Dance Between You and Life

    Meditation is a dance between you and life—a rhythm of body, breath, nature, emotion, infinite space, and everything in between.

  • Using the Senses as a Portal to Meditation

    The next time you meditate, experiment with keeping your eyes open. In the same way you sense the inner experience of thoughts, emotions, and sensations, embrace the outer world.

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  • Does Silence Scare You?

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  • Yoga for Your Health

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  • Establishing a Daily Meditation Practice, the Freestyle Way

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    The process of meditation is sometimes described as moving from thinking to feeling, says Kripalu faculty member Steven Leonard, a meditation and yoga teacher.

  • The Slow Revolution: Why and How to Change Gears

    In our high-speed world, slowing down and stemming the tide of information feels revolutionary. At the same time, shifting gears has never been more important for our physical and mental health.

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    When the snow falls, stoke your inner fire with the perfect union of winter sports and yoga!

  • The Benefits of Silence for Body and Mind

    Just as noise triggers a range of detrimental effects on the body’s systems, silence can help heal those challenges. Studies show that silence can actually stimulate new cell growth in the brain, improve memory, and release tension.

  • Embracing Beginner’s Mind

    Beginner’s mind, like everything else, is a choice. When we choose to turn down our knee-jerk assumptions, we may find a spaciousness that we didn’t know...