Danna Faulds

Danna Faulds, poet and dedicated practitioner of Kripalu Yoga, is the author of four popular books of yoga poetry: Go In and In; One Soul; Prayers to the Infinite; and From Root to Bloom. She credits Kripalu Yoga and expressive writing with transforming her life.


  • Weaving a Life

    by Danna Faulds, guest blogger For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to weave. I made dozens of potholders as a kid, weaving colored loops of fabric...

  • Lessons from My Father-In-Law

    In all the years I’ve known him, my father-in-law hasn’t done a single yoga posture, but he has met the challenges of his long life head on.

  • My Long Love Affair with Kripalu Yoga

    by Danna Faulds Looking back, it’s not surprising that my first encounter with Kripalu Yoga was so impactful. I was in the midst of a difficult divorce and...

  • The Miracle of Snow Peas

    My husband, Rick, and I have planted a vegetable garden each of the 10 years we’ve lived on our rural Virginia property.

  • The Winter Hummingbird

    Hummingbirds are natural ambassadors for present-moment awareness. It’s as if they embody the message “Pay attention!” just by being their lovely, mercurial...

  • How I Got My Yoga Back

    Yoga had always provided a way home to myself, a path to feeling more fully alive. Now it seemed more like body maintenance than a way to connect inside.

  • Brief Glimpses Can Change Everything

    By Danna Faulds On a weekend bike trip in rural Virginia recently, my husband and I caught a glimpse of a bald eagle flying downriver. It was late afternoon...

  • Cycle of Transformation

    Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Creativity+ Timothy K. Hamilton Danna Faulds, Guest Blogger I didn’t think much about the distant rumble of thunder as I biked...

  • Breathe Your Way to Health and Wholeness

    In my introductory yoga class back in 1983, the first thing my Kripalu-trained teacher taught me was how to take a long, slow, smooth breath.

  • Inner Listening

    Danna Faulds, guest blogger I’ve always had an affinity for the idea of a “still, small voice” within, a form of inner guidance that requires vigilance in...

  • Savor Your Life

    I must be awake, and if I’m awake, then I can’t be squandering my life.

  • My Imperfect Forward Bend

    by Danna Faulds My first yoga teacher introduced me to the Forward Bend in the summer of 1983. Until that afternoon, I’d never paid much attention to my...

  • The Gift of Fallow Time

    The gift of fallow time is the unseen replenishing and renewal taking place at the deepest level.

  • Lessons from a Winter Walk

    I had decided to take my usual morning winter walk despite the cold, and was striding briskly back from the gate on Kripalu’s East Drive, blowing into my...

  • Meditation and Me

    I’ve always loved yoga, but my early relationship with meditation was far from easy. I remember my very first attempt to meditate in 1983, not long after meeting the man I eventually married. Rick had been sitting for years—an hour each morning—and his dedication to the practice piqued my curiosity.