Contemplative Week On the Kripalu Campus

Quiet Spaces, Open Hearts | January 1–5, 2024

Contemplative Week at Kripalu is an ideal opportunity to relax and soothe the mind and body as you renew your connection to yourself. All programs and workshops this week will have a meditative and inner-reflective quality suited to starting the New Year from a place of grounded-centeredness.

This week all meals will be silent.  We offer this practice to encourage continued inner reflection and encourage a peaceful atmosphere.

Stepping back from daily demands can help us recharge and savor life with more spaciousness. Join us during one of most popular offerings!

Choose Your Experience

1. Immersive Presenter-Led Program

➔ JOURNEY INWARD: A Yoga Retreat for the New Year
January 1–5
With Jovinna Chan

January 1–7
With Edi Pasalis and Jess Frey

2. Self-Guided Retreat & Renewal Retreat

The Kripalu R&R experience—our signature retreat—allows you the freedom to choose what you need while you’re here. Whatever path you take, you’ll enjoy delicious healthy meals from the Kripalu Kitchen and the support and care of our beloved faculty. Let the transformative healing begin!


Mornings Afternoons Evenings

• Gentle and Intermediate Kripalu Yoga
• Guided Meditation

(Choice of one—examples here)

Cultivating Deep Listening in Winter
Sound Bath
Chinese Astrology
Positional Therapy
Every Day Tarot
Ayurvedic Yoga for the Season

• Silent Meditation
• YogaDance®
• Guided Hikes
• Gentle and Intermediate Yoga
• Workshops

(Choice of one—examples here)

Mindful Minute Meditations
Life Skill Workshop
Manifesting a Bring New Year
Soothing Pranayama
• Relax & Unwind Yoga
• Workshops

(Choice of one—examples here)

Guided Metta Meditation
Yoga Nidra
Share Circles

Please note that schedule is subject to change.

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