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For health and human services professionals, stress is in the job description. And it manifests in a multitude of ways—from burnout and decreased job satisfaction to higher rates of patient dissatisfaction. Kripalu’s evidence-based resilience program, RISE™, is anchored in the science of mindfulness, yoga, and positive psychology.

Here's what we know:

  • Physician burnout rates average 44% in America and top 50% in several specialties
  • Conservative estimates suggest that clinician burnout costs the field $4.6 billion annually due to turnover and lost hours
  • 61% of nurses feel unable to give patients the care they deserve
  • At least 80% of social workers believe stress levels are affecting their ability to do their job
  • Chronic stress has been linked to the six leading causes of death in America: heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, accidents, alcoholism, and suicide.*

That's where RISE comes in.

* Sources: American Institute of Stress, American Psychological Association, Community Care, stress.org, Annals of Internal Medicine, and Medscape

RISE is Evidence-Based

"There are a lot of things that happen to the body when you're in crisis that you can't do anything about, but you can control your breath, and that makes a huge difference."—Bridget Hughes, Hetrick-Martin Institute Senior Director, Youth Services

Developed by Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in partnership with doctors, nurses, and social workers, the RISE program brings together more than a decade of research in mindfulness, resilience, brain science, and human behavior.

RISE is specifically designed to support

  • Greater clarity and resilience
  • Improved social emotional intelligence
  • Better decision making through increased focus
  • Enhanced burnout rates
  • Renewed sense of purpose and empowerment
  • Connected, compassionate care of clients and patients.

RISE training's have been rigorously evaluated by our research partners. Individuals and organizations who experience the RISE program report profound results. Our research outcomes have been widely published in peer-reviewed journals, such as the Journal of Workplace Behavioral Wellness. For more research on the benefits of RISE view our RISE Resources & Research page.

RISE Mindfulness Tools Have Been Demonstrated to
• Change the brain, making it easier to pay attention, stay calm, and tap into empathy
• Improve stress resilience in the moment and over time, as measured by heart rate variability
• Decrease compassion fatigue
• Reduce symptoms of secondary trauma
• Enable better risk management
• Lower dropout and error costs
• Enhance provider-client and provider-patient communication and rapport
• Support health—mindfulness is linked with a 50% decrease in cold and flu symptoms and a 75% decrease in absenteeism.
Our Research Shows That RISE Participants Experience
32% reduction in perceived stress
13% increase in mindfulness
10% increase in empowerment.

Experience RISE


From private Kripalu faculty-led workshops to on campus open enrollment programs, each RISE offering is an evidence-based approach to stress resiliency.


RISE Facilitators

"As individuals within an organization start to implement these practices you start to see a culture change."—Barbara Vacarr, PhD, Kripalu CEO

Our expert facilitators bring years of experience in delivering mindfulness programming, and are trained specifically to offer RISE to hospitals and human services agencies.

Sam Chase

Lead Kripalu Faculty

Monique Schubert

Lead Kripalu Faculty

Michelle Dalbec

Lead Kripalu Faculty

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