Janna Delgado

Janna Delgado, BFA, E-RYT 500, is a yoga therapist, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, and longtime Kripalu faculty member who teaches for the Kripalu Schools. She developed the Kripalu Yoga in the Schools curriculum, and is a facilitator and trainer for RISE, an evidence-based program in conscious leadership.


  • Sun Breaths to Revitalize

    As the winter sky becomes darker, we can always illuminate ourselves from within with simple sun breaths. To try: From Mountain pose, relax your belly, then...

  • Meditation in Motion

    Sometimes in our yoga practice we strive so hard to “get it right”—mastering our alignment, coordinating our breath, focusing our attention—that we stifle...

  • Heart Opening Through Metta Meditation

    According to the ancient Vedic texts of India, the heart is the source of real feeling and knowing—the very seat of consciousness. Yet we can sometimes keep...

  • Yoga Practice: Seated Backbends

    The heart beats in a faithful and constant rhythm throughout a lifetime. To keep the heart nourished and happy, heart-opening backbends can work wonders....

  • Healing Trauma with Yoga

    On Monday, December 16, 2012—exactly two days after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary—I stood outside the doors of Pittsfield High School (PHS)...

  • Get Grounded with Mountain Pose

    How we stand, literally—with our feet on the ground—can have a huge impact on how we feel. When we align ourselves and ground in Mountain pose, we access...

  • Yoga Practice: Goddess Pose

    Goddess Pose, or Deviasana, represents the feminine force that created the universe. Hara is a Japanese martial arts term meaning “center of being,” and it...

  • Kripalu Beginner's Yoga with Janna Delgado

    Kripalu Beginner's Yoga Class with Janna Delgado

  • Fitness Focus: Exercise at Home

      To save precious time and money, working out at home can be just the ticket. It does, however, require some motivation. Here are some tips to help you...

  • How to Keep Your Teaching Fresh: Yoga Instructors Share Their Secrets

    Keeping your yoga teaching fresh and inspired is not only great for your students, it’s essential for you.

  • Turning Point Q&A with Janna Delgado

    Janna Delgado, BFA, E-RYT 500, combines her training as a Kripalu Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and AFAA-certified fitness instructor with her...

  • Holiday Rituals from Our Faculty

    We asked a few of our Kripalu Schools of Yoga and Ayurveda faculty to share their favorite rituals for the season of celebration.

  • The Yoga of Showing Up

    When the students and I talk about our experiences with yoga this year, we tap into those times when we knew our class felt connected.

  • Yoga in the Schools: Helping Adolescents Become Compassionate Adults

    Tired. Stressed. Bored. These are the words most commonly used by 22,000 high school students surveyed about their experiences in high school.

  • Ask the Expert: Holding the Pose

    In this edition of Ask the Expert, Kripalu Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and senior faculty member Janna Delgado  answers your questions about...

  • Trusting the Wisdom of Yoga

    Trust in the wisdom of your practice.

  • Simple Habits for Healthy Living

    Ashley Winseck, guest blogger Most of life is a habit. We tend to fall into habitual ways of thinking and being and doing, and we’re living in a world where...