Lexington School District

Creating Healthy Success Zones

Jennifer E. Turner, assistant principal of the Jonas Clarke Middle School in Lexington, Massachusetts, says that data collected at the district level shows that both students and staff often feel stressed and find it difficult to cope with everyday challenges. The Lexington School District worked with the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living (KIEL) to create a three-day training that as tailored for teachers, delivered at the school. Staff from across the district attended. The district’s work with the KIEL aims to enhance positivity and well-being for staff, contributing to a compassionate and mindful school culture for students.

Berkshire County Schools

Supporting Local Community

Nearly 2000 adolescents in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, have been impacted by the Kripalu Yoga in the Schools program since 2008. The KIEL continues to support and engage with these schools, including Pittsfield High School and the Positive Options Program in both Monument Mountain Regional High School and Mount Everett Regional High School. Marianne Young, principal of Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, says fighting and vandalism at the school have decreased substantially as Kripalu tools have become integrated into the culture. In addition, staff from Berkshire County schools have attended Kripalu immersion programs.

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