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Cocreating With The Divine


Our soul’s mission on this planet is to create. We create projects, books, art, music, our reality—and we create each another through our love, words, and vibration. Spirit is always there to help us be the best cocreators we can be, but channeling spirit is an art that requires time and space.

Join Reiki Master teacher, Manu Del Prete, for a brand new online offering at Kripalu that invites you to learn how to channel spirit. Despite the common misconception, channeling is less about our psychic or intuitive abilities and more about our ability to absorb and transfer light frequencies into words and other expressive forms. Channeling is also very closely related to our creativity.

This online program will cover: 

  • The differences between channeling and mediumship 
  • Ways to identify your subconscious limitations so you can be more open to receiving information 
  • The difference between hearing your ego consciousness versus hearing cosmic consciousness 
  • How to clear and attune yourself to start experiencing authentic channeling 
  • Ways to work with your environment to optimize your experience 
  • Exercises meant to activate specific channels for specific reasons 

The true benefit of learning how to channel is the healing that takes place when you receive messages from the divine. Whether you are curious about how channeling works and want to try it for the first time, or you have been channeling for awhile and would like to expand your skills, this program is for you. 

NOTE This is not a mediumship class (i.e., it will not teach you how to communicate with crossed souls or ancestors), however, practicing channeling correctly will make it easier to peruse mediumship studies if you choose to embrace that path. You will have access to the video recording(s) for 30 days after the program ends. All recordings will be available within 72 hours of the end of each session. 

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Manu River Del Prete is an energy healing facilitator and teacher, channeler, psychic ability coach, Galactic Akashic reader, past life regression therapist, and Feng Shui and space clearing practitioner.

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DATE: March 16, 2024

TIME: 1:00–4:30 pm EST

LENGTH: 3.5 hours total

SLIDING SCALE TUITION: To encourage justice and equity around our offerings, we are now offering Sliding Scale Tuition on select programs. Community Supported pricing is for those facing financial or other hardships, Standard pricing is the set cost, and Pay It Forward helps cover others in your program. There is no application for the different amounts—simply pay what works for you.

Community Supported | $99.00

STANDARD I $149.00



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