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Kula Flow Vinyasa for Strength, Detoxification, and Levitation

For students who have practiced asana for at least 1 year and have some experience with vinyasa.

This program offers a chance to detox, energize, and become centered in your yoga practice by uniting vinyasa with uddiyana bandha (the abdominal lock). Strengthening and opening the belly through active uddiyana bandha practice is also a powerful tool for back care and digestive health.

Schuyler Grant developed Kula Flow, a vinyasa style that integrates the breath-based flow of Ashtanga and the precision of Iyengar into a deep, sweaty, and transformative mind-body experience. In this program, you explore

  • Uddiyana bandha and pranayama (breathing) techniques
  • Inversions and arm balances initiated from the “flying up” lock
  • Twisting and backbending at a new level of depth and support
  • Moving from flow to flight in your vinyasa practice.

Schuyler also encourages participation in a gentle dietary cleanse through simply prepared options from the Kripalu Kitchen.

Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
Min 1 year
Suitable For
Program Theme
Vinyasa Yoga