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Lila Yoga Awaken the Divine Play of Energy in Yoga and Life

For all levels.

Lila Yoga offers a philosophy in motion—a divine play of energy. With an emphasis on prana (vital energy) within yoga postures and the holistic alignment of body, breath, and intentions, this program creates a beautiful flow of focused energy that calms the mind and allows the body to move with agility and grace. In navigating the interactive field of prana, thought, and action, you explore the energy that flows from your intentions into your life, and you open yourself to living in a state of ease.

Awaken energetic pathways and increase prana as you

  • Examine the special role that prana plays and how this cosmic energy can support you in daily life
  • Cultivate awareness of conscious and subconscious intentions and how your state of mind directly affects your life
  • Learn to apply your awareness by practicing compassionate mindfulness in yoga and in the world
  • Connect with specific qualities of energy to recharge and find balance in each moment.

Recommended reading and viewing Erica Kaufman, Lila Yoga Sun Salutations: Discover the Power of a Devoted Morning Practice (book and DVD available at lilayoga.com/shop/)

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Mindfulness within the Lila Yoga Practice


Erica Kaufman has been practicing yoga since childhood and is founder of Lila Yoga and owner of Lila Yoga Studios.

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