On Campus Program

Making Sacred Art Create to Heal and Transform the World


Do you need a creative reset, a reminder of how to make sacred art, or how to make art sacred? This is a call to artists of all kinds whose work is an offering toward something much larger than themselves.

Facilitated by Eset Rose, Kripalu's Director of Creative Strategy & Programming and a musician, dancer, priestess, and coach, along with David Sauvage, a performance artist, writer, empath, teacher, and shaman, you will

  • Get clear and aligned around the intentions of your art
  • Learn to listen to the authentic impulse within you without judgment
  • Reorient around the universal principles of play, pleasure, and flow and experience Eros as it moves through you
  • Open a channel to receive guidance from benevolent spirits and ancestors
  • Create whatever is there for you to create, or start it
  • Jam together organically and marvel as things you could never imagine take shape
  • Learn to give feedback that truly supports the creative process of others
  • Share your art with each other in a final, ecstatic show. 

Open to visual artists, writers, musicians, dancers, poets, filmmakers, actors, and creators whose gifts don't fit into categories. It's time to tap into your deepest wellspring of creativity in service to the healing and transformation of this world. Your time in this retreat will support you in resourcing your creativity, guide you through any stuckness, and cultivate an intuitive creative process that aligns with your soul.

Note This program is open to artists of all kinds, including producers and those who wish to assist artists in their process.

Included in Your Stay

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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All Creative Expression


David Sauvage is a performance artist, writer, teacher, and shaman.

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Eset Rose, Director of Creative Strategy and Programming, is a multidimensional artist, warrior, and teacher of transformation and healing.

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