Anandamai Charlyn Reihman


Anandamai Charlyn Reihman is an advanced Kripalu Yoga teacher with a passion for connecting proven ancient practices to our modern living—bolstering our ability to trust our heart, deeply know our truth, and live the best version of ourselves. An esteemed teacher, mentor, and guide, Charlyn leads masterful workshops that elevate and illuminate the path to connecting meaningfully with self and others. She is the author of the acclaimed book Walking the Path of Love: Connecting to the Kripalu Lineage and the Core Teachings of Swami Kripalu. Charlyn is on the Board of Directors for Kripalvananda Yoga Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the teachings of Swami Kripalu and maintaining Muktidham where he lived during his years in the United States. She has deep roots in the land of her family farm where she grew up, raised her children, teaches yoga, and enjoys time in nature with her partner, Ted, and their children and grandbabies.  

“Charlyn’s ability to weave the timeless threads of Swami Kripalu’s wisdom with her candid life experience and simple practices make the goals with have for enlightened living attainable.” —Karlee Fain, Celebrity Coach, Resident in the Original Sumneytown Kripalu Community 
“A guidebook for the soul. Anandamai Charlyn Reihman has crafted an essential, practical, and loving companion for anyone ready (or not) to have their life changed forever by yoga and the inspiring teachings of Swami Kripalu.”  —Jurian Hughes, Senior Faculty Member, Kripalu School of Yoga  

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