Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith, PhD, is a best-selling author and leading authority on the chakra system and its application to Western lifestyle. She is the author of the chakra classic Wheels of Life, as well as Eastern Body, Western Mind, Creating on Purpose, The Global Heart Awakens, and numerous other books and media products, including the award-winning DVD The Illuminated Chakras. A bioenergetic and trauma therapist, yoga teacher, scholar, and spiritual philosopher, Anodea has offered transformational workshops throughout the world for 35 years. 

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  • Chakra Yoga: Accessing Your Core

    Everything in life has a core: every blade of grass, every tree trunk, every leaf on the tree, every cell, and every person.

  • The Psychology of the Chakras

    Everyone is talking about Energy Psychology these days. It seems we are all seeking that thrilling feeling of aliveness that is the province of the energy body.

  • Chakras and the Power of Connection

    I’m a very grounded person. People use that word to describe me all the time. I’m down-to-earth, practical, not easily swayed by trends. I have a strong...