Elysabeth Williamson

Elysabeth Williamson, E-RYT 500, a yoga innovator for more than 30 years, is internationally recognized as the foremost authority on partner yoga. Her newest offering, Illuminated Embodiment, creatively integrates her teaching mastery and invites a wider spectrum of participants into heart-centered embodiment. Elysabeth has a particular gift for articulating and transmitting esoteric teachings in ways that are accessible and practical for everyone. She is the author of The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga, and the innovative app Partner Yoga Touch, both award-winning projects.

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Upcoming Programs

  • August 24–26, 2018


  • Not for Lovers Only: How Partner Yoga Can Change Our Relationships

    One of the most common misperceptions about partner yoga is that it is for “lovers only.” The practice absolutely offers invaluable tools for life partners, but partner yoga has great benefits for anyone.

  • Choosing Connection Over Conflict

    The most challenging part of shifting our perception is the willingness to not only see the situation differently, but also to see our part in it. The next time conflict arises with your partner, experiment with this exercise.

  • Five Benefits of Partner Yoga, On and Off the Mat

    Partner yoga is an excellent opportunity for couples to play, relax, and deepen their love, while receiving all the benefits of yoga. The practice supports us to unplug from the stress of everyday life and nourish each other in both simple and profound ways.

  • Three Questions to Ask Yourself About Self-Care

    According to Kripalu presenter Elysabeth Williamson, self-care is not another thing to add to our to-do list, but a way of being that connects us to our deeper selves and to the whole of life.

  • Embracing Our Vulnerability Through Partner Yoga

    Discovering and revealing the deepest parts of our being is the greatest gift of partner yoga, says Kripalu presenter Elysabeth Williamson.