Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron is the author of 40 books, fiction and nonfiction, including her best-selling works on the creative process: The Artist’s Way, The Vein of Gold, The Right to Write, The Sound of Paper, Walking in This World, Finding Water, and The Prosperous Heart. Also a songwriter, memoirist, novelist, award-winning playwright, and poet, she has extensive credits in film, television, and theater.


  • Morning Rituals Make Better Days

    I’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what I hunger for each morning is connection to what’s personally meaningful

  • What’s Not To ‘Like’: Jealousy, Desire, and Social Media

    I'm more likely to sign into Facebook when I want to be distracted from myself, which inevitably pulls me in an uncomfortable direction.

  • Living a Creative Life

    Being creative means living to our fullest potential.

  • Are You Afraid to Shine?

    Why would we be afraid of having, being and doing what we most wish to have, be, and do? Because it could shake things up in our lives.

  • Falling in Love with Life

    The way I see it, Valentine's Day isn’t just for lovers. It’s a day for remembering love in its many forms and, whether or not we are partnered, we can put...

  • Mending Broken Dreams

    At some point in the process of recovering from my divorce, I realized that I was having trouble dreaming new dreams.

  • I Could be More Creative, If Only...

      Lori Shridhare, Guest Blogger If this sentiment sounds familiar, you’re not alone. With dozens of books on the market that help nurture one’s...