Karen Paolino Correia

Karen Paolino Correia, widely known as “The Miracle Messenger,” is recognized as a relatable, caring intuitive who has shared her talents with thousands of audience members and readers throughout the world. For more than two decades she has combined her certifications in hypnotherapy, mediumship, and as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®. She has certified hundreds worldwide as graduates of her eight-week Angel Messenger Certification program and her six-week Advanced Certification. Author of four internationally acclaimed books, including 101 Ways to Meet Your Angels; How to Contact Your Angels; and The Everything Guide to Angels, Karen showcases her keynote speaking expertise at industry expos and conferences across the globe.

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  • From Confusion to Clarity and Purpose

    Kripalu presenter Karen Paolino Correia believes that many are awakening right now and, although it may cause confusion, struggle, and change (which is one of our greatest fears), it’s all in divine timing.

  • Guidance Falling from the Sky

    When you are open to miracles and you pay attention, the guidance of angels is all around you, and anything and everything is possible, says "Miracle Messenger" Karen Paolino Correia.

  • Becoming My True Self

    It wasn't until Karen Paolino Correia had her wake-up call with cancer that she really wanted to know the answers to those deep, soul-filled questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I find my joy?

  • Discover Peace in Any Moment

    Feeling challenged right now? Karen Paolino Correia offers a practice that reminds us that we are always okay, in every moment, no matter the circumstances.

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