From Confusion to Clarity and Purpose

One of the most common questions asked in an angel reading or when someone comes for soul and coaching sessions is around the desire and longing to know one’s purpose: “Why am I here? What is my soul’s plan?”

Some people come seeking these answers because they don’t feel fulfilled in their career or they are in the midst of a major life challenge; illness, divorce, job loss, or grieving a loved one who has passed. I believe, after my own awakening and soul searching, that when we ask these deep questions, our soul is the one “knocking at our door,” asking us to wake up and remember who we are and why we came here.

There is great change and transition going on for many right now, and this may be speaking directly to you. I believe from deep within my soul that many are awakening right now and, although it may cause confusion, struggle, and change (which is one of our greatest fears), it’s all in divine timing.

We are calling to ourselves to remember who we really are and to live it fully in this human body. You, I, your family, co-workers, and every stranger you meet is a soul, a divine being, hidden behind skin, clothing, and personality. If everyone took off their earthly costumes and revealed their True Self, I imagine we would witness a blending of everyone’s light into one magnificent, luminous energy of love and light.

So the big question emerges…How do I remember and live who I really am?

Start with the desire to know and be your authentic self.  

This is not the self you were told to be, by your parents, authority figures, or society. There are no “shoulds” in the equation of Self. To reconnect to your authentic self, start to listen and follow your heart and intuition. Ask yourself the following questions and reflect on the answers:

What makes me happy? or What brings me joy?

What makes me feel connected to myself and others?

What brings fulfillment and meaning, or when do I feel I am making a difference?

Remember, the answers do not have to be grandiose. When the answers come from your soul, it is often simple and meaningful to you.

Then start taking inspired action now. 

Today, take a step to live and be your authentic self. Do something, anything, that brings happiness and feelings of joy. Reach out and make connections to initiate a feeling of fulfillment and purpose. It may be as simple as making a phone call or meditating on the question, “What is my next step?” and allowing your intuition to guide you.

Lastly, believe you are never alone. Miracles are abundant and yours to receive.

You are one with all that is. This means that there is great support unseen by the human eyes. You have guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters, and, most importantly, your soul, which knows everything about you past, present, and future. You don’t have to figure out the details of the unfolding of your true self and your highest path. You just need to believe and be curious and open to the abundant universe. Trust all will be revealed when you ask and set intention.

Author Robert Holden describes the journey to remembrance, referring to the soul as “Unconditioned Self”:

Your two physical eyes see bits of things. They see bits of the color spectrum, bits of the landscape, bits of the ocean, bits of the sky. They see bits of you and bits of me. But they do not see the big picture. It is only when you look with the heart that you can begin to comprehend the possibility of true wholeness, true beauty, and true oneness.

It is my experience that the most amazing people act as if everything is already here. Great artists tune in to something universal when they create. Great thinkers trust in a solution for every problem. Great leaders lend themselves to guidance and inspiration. Great healers see people’s wholeness long before any cure arrives.

Imagine that! Imagine whatever you want is here right now. What do you want? Wisdom? It’s already here. Peace? It’s already here. Inspiration? It’s here already. It’s all here, because you are. This is the big picture. This is what your Unconditioned Self sees.

You are what you seek. This means that whatever joy you hoped “to get” after you found your true partner, got the dream job, bought the ideal home, and earned the right money is already in you! When you search for love, joy, power, money, Heaven, and God, you are really searching for the experience of your Unconditioned Self that is unencumbered by fear, separation, and lack.

You are not here to find happiness; you are here to extend it. You are inspiration-packed, wisdom-infused, made with love, and blessed with joy. And so is everyone else. To be free all you have to do is make yourself wholly available to what is already inside you. Real healing is giving up your resistance to your Unconditioned Self.

I leave you with this prayer to support you in awakening your True Self …

My dearest Soul and Divine Spiritual Helpers, I am open, willing, and ready to know and be my True Authentic Self. I am ready to awaken my Soul’s light and the remembrance of my soul’s plan and path in this human experience. Please support me with the courage to let go of anything inauthentic to who I really am. Guide me to remember that everything I need and desire is found within. Now and every day, with the support of this abundant universe, I commit to being joy, love, and fulfillment, and extending it all those I meet and am guided to inspire and serve.

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