Discover Peace in Any Moment

This practice is for anyone who feels challenged right now. My hope is that you will discover that you have the power within you and all around you to find peace in any moment, no matter what you are faced with.

Pause for a moment and take a deep breath.

Now, reflect on a situation in your life that’s upsetting you the most. It may be physical, emotional or financial, or it could be related to a relationship or your job. Take a moment and notice what you are feeling in your body as you think about this.

Now, ask yourself, how much time and energy have I spent on this issue?

Are you ready to discover and create a feeling of peace? Then take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Am I okay in this moment, right here and right now?” Notice what you feel in your body when you answer this question.

The truth is, you can never not be okay. Even when you take your last breath, you will still be okay.

I watched Oprah when she started her “Best Life” series. There was a woman on her show who had invested everything into a new business, and she felt hopeless thinking they were going to lose everything they worked for and dreamed of. Oprah stopped her as she continued to focus on everything that was wrong in her life and she asked her, “Are you still breathing?” The woman replied, “Yes,” and then Oprah said, “Be grateful then and realize you’re still okay.”

When you are not experiencing peace, then most likely your thoughts are dwelling on something that happened in your past, or you are focused on your future thoughts which might be saying, “What if”?

You have the power within you to create peace in any moment, no matter the circumstances. Just ask yourself the simple question, “Am I okay in this moment, right here and right now?”

If you feel lost and you cannot answer yes to this question, then call out and ask the angels for help. Ask them to surround you in a circle of light, love, and protection. Then pray (or plead if you need to) and ask them to help you feel peace.

You are never alone if you believe in spiritual family; angels, guides, and loved ones in Spirit. Remember to ask for the courage, strength, and the help you need to move forward in any challenge. Believe that everything is happening for a reason, and seek to learn the lesson or find the blessing. Use your breath as a guide; it’s your Spirit and it can always guide you back into the present moment, where the gift of peace is found. So remember to breathe.

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