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Trauma Informed Yoga Supporting Survivors with Embodied Practices


Join yoga teacher trainer, somatic coach, and author of The Essential Guide to Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Lara Land, for a program that helps you redefine yoga and its purposes. Lara will share her experience teaching yoga to genocide survivors in Rwanda and explain how that experience has influenced her teaching style and mission, long before trauma sensitivity was part of our collective awareness in the yoga community. 

Learn how to create safer spaces for both yourself and others as you

  • Understand what happens to the mind-body system during and after a traumatic event 
  • Explore specific practices for grounding, awakening awareness, and centering 
  • Reframe your yoga teaching or practice and how to practice/teach in any environment 
  • Practice mindfulness and self-care, and understand why they are so important 
  • Examime self-knowledge, awareness, and privilege in the yoga room.

Yoga touches on our deepest layers of being and brings our vulnerabilities to the surface. In the right hands, we have an incredible opportunity to heal our wounds, stresses, and traumas. Without the right skills, we risk retraumatization to ourselves or others. 

Note This program is appropriate and beneficial for all, whether you work in a yoga studio, at home, or in an environment with other people. 

Recommended reading Lara Land,The Essential Guide to Trauma Sensitive Yoga

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Lara is an author, the owner of Land Yoga, executive director of Three and a Half Acres Yoga, and coproducer of SOULFest yoga festival.

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