• January 19–21, 2018
  • Friday–Sunday: 2 nights

Yoga for Osteoporosis

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For medical professionals, yoga teachers and therapists, yoga practitioners, people with osteoporosis, and those who want to prevent it.

Regain and maintain healthy bone strength with a 12-pose yoga sequence proven to combat osteoporosis and osteopenia. Medical doctor Loren Fishman and yoga therapist Terry Roth Schaff share their understanding of

  • The anatomy and physiology of bone cells and the ongoing cycle of bone growth and loss
  • How these poses enhance bone health, improve posture, refine balance, build strength, increase range of motion, raise coordination, and lower anxiety
  • The scientific basis of this sequence, supported by peer-reviewed publications.

Loren’s pioneering work on yoga and health—including an eight-year research study on yoga for osteoporosis—has been recognized internationally. Learn a daily practice that raises bone mineral density and improves bone quality. Terry adapts classic yoga poses, making them safe and accessible no matter your level of ability or medical condition.

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Loren Fishman, MD, BPhil (Oxon), studied with B. K. S. Iyengar for one year before entering medical school. He teaches at Columbia University.

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Terry Roth Schaff, E-RYT, is a certified IAYT yoga therapist who works with muscular/skeletal and neurological conditions. Her work has been featured in Yoga Therapy Today.

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