Energy Healing as a Path to Wholeness and Awakening

Energy healing is for everyone, because it is inexpensive, universal, and unlimited. It can effect positive change for anyone on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It can release stress, or—as Chinese medicine has known for centuries through acupuncture—restore vitality and balance to organs and systems of the body. It can be used to clear negativity from a situation, as is often taught in the very popular form of energy healing known as Reiki. There are even some energy healing modalities that can address karmic conditioning from past lives, allowing one to move beyond cycles of dysfunction and disease in ways that modern medicine and modern psychology cannot touch.

We are all made of energy. Einstein knew this when writing his famous formula E=MC2, which in layman’s terms simply says that everything is made of energy, even matter, which is simply energy in its most dense form. If everything is made of energy, including us, then everyone has the ability to be an energy healer and use energy healing to improve their daily lives.

There are many forms of energy healing, most of which can be traced to Eastern spiritual traditions. The origins of Reiki can be found in Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism. Chinese medicine and qi gong have their roots in the Taoist traditions of ancient China. Even the popular concepts of chakras and chakra healing, often taken for granted in some Western New Age healing modalities, have their roots in the Vedic texts from the Hindu spiritual tradition of India. These popular forms of energy healing have touched millions of people’s lives in a profound way, causing an energy healing revolution that has empowered people all around the globe to take charge of their own personal well-being on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

I have either personally witnessed or heard directly from those who have used energy healing techniques to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, the emotional scars of childhood sexual abuse, homelessness, and even some debilitating physical illnesses such as cancer. The true promise of energy healing is that it is absolutely free for those who are trained in it and unlimited in abundance: Because energy is what everything is made of.

Brett Bevell, MA, is a Reiki master and the author of several books, including Energy Healing for Everyone: A Path to Wholeness and Awakening (Monkfish Book Publishing, August 2014), from which this article is excerpted.

Brett Bevell, MA, is a Reiki master and author of the books Energy Healing for Everyone; New Reiki Software for Divine Living; Reiki for Spiritual...

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