Guest Recipe: Chyawanprash Cookies

Chyawanprash is an immune-boosting herbal jam that includes ojas-building ingredients like ashwagandha root, ghee, and honey, plus the vitamin C–rich amla fruit. Ancient Ayurvedic texts report that chyawanprash increases strength, stamina, and virility and clears the mind.

Chywanprash is available at some health food stores and through Ayurvedic websites such as Banyan Botanicals. You can follow the instructions on the container, or try baking cookies with chyawanprash. The following recipe comes from the Himalayan Institute. (Of course, as with all herbal remedies, it’s important for those on medication, with diabetes, or who are pregnant or lactating to consult a doctor before eating chyawanprash.)

1 cup butter (2 sticks)
2 cups dark brown sugar, coconut sugar, or sucanat
2 eggs
1 jar (1.1 pounds) chyawanprash
5 cups organic white flour
3 teaspoons aluminum-free baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon powdered ginger

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

In a mixer or large bowl, cream together the butter and brown sugar, then add the eggs (one at a time). Blend well, then add the chyawanprash and mix thoroughly.

In a separate bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, salt, and ginger.

Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, and mix until thoroughly combined.

Using a small ice cream scoop, make balls of cookie dough, roll them in the natural sugar to lightly coat, and place them on a lined cookie sheet.

Bake for 10–12 minutes. The cookies will be a light amber color when ready.

This recipe was contributed by the Himalayan Institute.