How the Color Purple Can Lead You to Your Destiny

As a professional intuitive and aura reader, I find that purple is one of the most popular colors I am asked about. I completely understand this attraction, and spiritual practitioners often use the color purple as a theme in their offices. So what’s the deal with the purple? Why are people so drawn to purple and, more importantly, what does it mean about us?

After more than 20 years of observing energy and color around people, I have noticed very specific characteristic traits with each color. And when it comes to purple, I define it as the color of leadership and destiny. When I see purple in someone’s aura, they are almost always in some kind of leadership position. Everyone from heads of state, CEOs, and even book club organizers display purple energy. If you are utilizing your leadership qualities, then it will show up as purple in your aura. The best part about color energy is that you can use it to harness qualities you would like more of in yourself.

Regal purple has had a very long worldwide association with leadership qualities, starting with the 15th century in the Mediterranean. It is the preferred color for British royalty and other leaders, such as priests, nobles, and officers throughout the world. If you watch a royal or religious ceremony, purple is usually the color that is selected for the occasion. Purple inspires a sense of self-confidence that you can use whenever you want a boost of its leadership energy.

In addition to historical references, we also see the symbolism of purple pop up in the news and pop culture. When Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech (in November 2016 after losing the US presidential election), she wore a purple pantsuit. During difficult times, the simple choice of color in clothing can communicate a powerful message of unity.

Regardless of our thoughts about the political landscape, I believe that Hillary wearing purple sent a message that we should try to come together as a country and mend our differences. Purple is a combination of red and blue, which also happen to be the colors of our two main political parties (these two colors are also utilized by many political parties worldwide). In addition, the leadership qualities of purple helped Hillary to stand up and admit defeat during what must have been an incredibly painful time. This is precisely the moment when purple comes in handy. No matter how you spend your days, wearing purple sends a strong message of unity and leadership.

I think part of the reason that spiritually minded people are drawn to purple is because we tend to think globally. The idea of leadership and destiny is about recognizing that there is something bigger than ourselves. We know that, deep within the core of our being, there is a desire to connect to something powerful and soulful.

If you find yourself drawn to purple, there’s a chance that you have had a spiritual awakening in your life. As a color intuitive, I advise those drawn to purple to take emotional and spiritual inventory of where they are. This is a moment to recognize your path, and to look at areas where you can improve.

Here are three simple ways that you can harness the power of purple to inspire your own sense of leadership and destiny:

Visualize purple during meditation.

Meditation is an established method for finding our center, and incorporating color will supercharge this practice. Sit in a quiet space and close your eyes. Visualize the color purple in your mind as you sit quietly. Intend to heighten the natural leader within you. This practice can be integrated into any meditation, and will help instill purple energy within you.

Eat purple foods.

Food is a fun way to incorporate purple energy into our lives! In my book Your Life In Color, I refer to this as a color prop, because it allows us to use physical items so we can consciously pull their energy into our day. The idea is to eat purple foods as a reminder of the leadership energy that you are invoking. For example, you could eat some grapes or make a blueberry smoothie.

Wear something purple.

This is connected to the same idea of color props. By consciously choosing the color we wear based on its energy, we set a powerful intention for our day. Purple is an excellent color to wear to work, but also any time that we want to lead a group.

We often think of leadership and destiny in reference to our careers. But I think purple energy brings to mind a simpler (albeit deeper) meaning of destiny. To have the awareness of our own path means that we are in tune with the bigger picture. There is an energy bigger than our career, success, and achievement. It is the knowing that we are spiritual beings here on this planet. And that is perfectly represented by purple.

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Dougall Fraser is an internationally recognized intuitive who specializes in interpreting the colors he sees around others. With more than 20 years of professional experience in seeing auras, Dougall demonstrates how color can be used to improve specific aspects of life.

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