Visionaries 2023


Compassionate community framework weaves conscious leadership with conscious fellowship, intentionally expanding the voices we center. By realizing regenerative principles such as working in right relationship, empowered partnership, and innovative, adaptive responsiveness, we move towards Kripalu’s vision of a world united in service, well-being, justice, and peace.

This year, join Kripalu in welcoming a cohort of twelve global wellness leaders bringing their inspired practices of seeing, feeling, and healing to strengthen and repair the web of love that ties us all together. Join us for transformative online and on campus programs.

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Collage of Faces of 2024 Visionaries

What does it mean to be on the leading edge of change? How does wellness and spirituality intersect with the current, emergent moment? How do we pull from authentic sources of ancient wisdom and apply them to modern times with integrity and courage? Join Kripalu CEO Robert Mulhall and other Kripalu Visionaries as they engage in conversations about the growing edges of yoga and wellness in a free online series. 



➔ JACOBY BALLARD | he/they

Yoga and social justice teacher and facilitator

➔ Between the Lines: Conversations to Ignite Collective Change
July 25 | Online


Indian Yoga culture advocate, trainer, writer, and teacher

➔ Between the Lines: Conversations to Ignite Collective Change
December 11 | Online

➔ MILLANA SNOW | she/her

Energy healer, teacher, and wellness entrepreneur


Spirit guided healer, intuitive reader, and creator of the Sacred Dream Circles

​ Drum Making: Connecting with the Sacred Hoop
September 15–17 | On Campus

➔ Between the Lines: Conversations to Ignite Collective Change
October 16 | Online

➔ NISHA MOODLEY | she/her

Health and executive coach, intergenerational and energy healer, and community builder


Activist and creator of healing spaces to seed personal evolution and inspire societal transformation

➔ Active Peace Yoga: Living Your Practice on Purpose 
November 17–19 | On Campus

➔ MADI MURPHY | she/her

Astrologer, entrepreneur, mentor, and hypewoman

➔ HAWAH KASAT he/him

Fire keeper, community organizer, author, educator, yogi, alchemist, and activist

 Mindful Masculinity
October 22–26 | On Campus

➔ Opening the Body Through Asana, Poetry, and Sound Healing
October 26–29 | On Campus

➔ Between the Lines: Conversations to Ignite Collective Change
November 13 | Online

➔ Stillness and Liberation: A Silent Retreat Commemorating Buddha's Enlightenment
December 7–10 | On Campus