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Meditation Programs at Kripalu

Meditation can inspire transformation and support healing. Shine a light into your inner world in these enriching meditation programs.

Ecstatic Breathwork and Meditation Retreat

Scott Schwenk

Wake up more fully and grow more deeply through meditation, mantra, and breathwork.

Meditation Fusion

Steven Leonard, Amanbir Singh, and more

Experiment with meditation guided by five diverse experts who each specialize in a specific style.

Endless Summer

Larissa Hall Carlson

Discover refreshing meditations and outdoor mindfulness experiences.

The Kripalu Approach to Meditation

Steven Leonard, Sadia Bruce, and more

Immerse yourself in an approach to meditation that offers empowering introspective practices.

Awakening to Love, Courage, Tenderness, and Joy

Jack Kornfield

Find renewal, refresh your spirit, and discover a courageous new way to live.