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Align With Source Meeting the Moment with Truth, Love, and Wisdom


To align with Source is to be fully human with all our faults and graces while also being in direct relationship with truth, love, and wisdom. It allows us to show up and be purposefully present for this moment in our shared history. It helps us be grounded, steady, compassionate, purpose-filled, and ready to act. 

Join internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and activist Seane Corn for a transformational inner journey. Seane will guide you to 

  • Acquire the healing tools necessary for spiritual unification, inner awareness, and accountability
  • Establish a heart-centered commitment to creating a healthy, happy, peaceful, interdependent, and kind world
  • Rest in the knowledge that love is everything, and liberation for all is a divine right.

It is through this alignment and the continual work we do to heal ourselves that we come to know we are all connected. Let’s do our inner healing work, bind together, and love each other into wholeness. May this be our new normal going forward. 

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Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Seane Corn (she/her) is an internationally-acclaimed yoga teacher, author, and public speaker who has been at the forefront of yoga, activism, and community service for 28 years.

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