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Coiling Silk Qigong Dissolve Tension, Renew Vitality

For all levels.

Qigong is the most extensively researched method of complementary medicine in the world today. Consisting of gentle exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation, this ancient Chinese healing art improves health and vitality, makes the mind tranquil, and provides a deeper connection with nature.

Coiling Silk (Chan Si) is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable styles of qigong. The lovely circular movements, like the turning of a silk cocoon on a spindle, unwind energetic knots and dissolve areas of tension. They gently open and close the joints, improve posture and breathing, and stimulate the life force, or qi, to flow without obstruction.

Learn this excellent practice for personal well-being in this program that includes a complete workout, clear explanations, and discussions of qigong’s healing benefits.

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Ken Cohen, MA, world-renowned qigong master and author of The Way of Qigong, is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine.

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