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Fall Online Writing Program

About the Series

This fall,  join Julia Cameron, Victoria Erikson, Tanya Markul, and more for a fall writing program to awaken your senses, deepen your authenticity, and inspire your creativityFrom morning pages to flow state writing to nourishing and sustaining practices that support your writing practice, these live online workshops bring together some of the brightest lights in the writing world to empower your relationship to writing and yourself. 

With Kripalu faculty Monique Schubert as the guide for each session, participate in journal prompts and community building. Join for all nine sessions, or drop into the one that most inspires you! 


What to Expect

In addition to guided lectures, hands-on exercises, and more, prepare to dive into topics including how to

  • Sync your creative work with the elements of nature, timing, and specific configurations
  • Craft a strong, effective book proposal
  • Find harmony and ease between structure and flow
  • Tell your story to the most important person in your life: you.

Note You will have access to the video recording(s) for 30 days after the program ends. All recordings will be available within 72 hours of the end of each session. 

Explore the Sessions

September 29 The Artists Way: The Basic Tools
Julia Cameron
Julia will cover the core concepts from her groundbreaking creativity course, including morning pages, artist dates, and walks—the three bedrock tools of a creative recovery. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, expect to learn the primary tools that will launch you into creative renewal and set you free.
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October 3

Sacred Writing: Moon Ritual to Awaken Your Creativity
Erica Jago
Enter a new world full of magic, adventure, and miracles with Erica Jago. Take part in three ceremonies to harness the energy of the Full Moon to inspire your creativity and practice. Finish the workshop more equipped to see the sacred in your creativity.
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October 6 The Art of the Book Proposal
Eric Maisel
The nonfiction book proposal is the staple and sales tool of the nonfiction writer. But every writer, from fiction to memoirists, benefits from understanding what makes for a stellar book proposal and why starting on the book proposal early in the writing process is such a smart idea. 
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October 10 Writing Alchemy
Victoria Erikson
Reconnect with your innate creative flow state, brilliant intuition, and wonder through Victoria's masterful poetic lecture and prompts. Strengthen your imagery, imagination, and deepest truth through an embodied, ceremonial writing practice 
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October 11 The Power of Daily Writing
Eric Maisel
Creating a daily writing practice is the best way—and often the only way—to maintain a writing life. When writers skip days, months and years slip away. Learn the elements of a strong daily practice and effective ways of handling the obstacles to daily practice.
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October 18 Embodied Poetics: Somatic and Spiritual Explorations with Poetry
Brynn Saito
From ancient choral odes and haiku to contemporary ecopoetry, poem-making connects us with the earth, ancestors, communal grief and joy, and our own aliveness. Through simple writing exercises, we'll explore how poems—with their mystery, metaphors, images, and rhythms—call to the deepest parts of ourselves while illuminating our relationships with surrounding environments and communities. 
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October 20 Flow-Writing: Channel Your Inner Wisdom
Seher Sikandar
Expand your vessel and allow space for the unexpected through the freedom of presence by channeling your inner wisdom. Nurture your creative practice, enrich your growth, and learn to help serve others through instruction, guided meditation, prompts, and group conversation.
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October 24 Writing to Reveal Your Authenticity
Tanya Markul
Explore relevant life topics and open the possibility of creating a deeper, richer, more empowered relationship with yourself through deep emotional contemplation, nurturing your inner muse, and joy. 
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October 29 Share Out Writing Jam
Monique Schubert and Jess Frey
Join our Fall Writing Community for an evening of sharing out their poems, essays, and other works that have been inspired by the incredible writing classes that have taken place during the program. Get your “Snaps” at the ready! 
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Scholarship Opportunity

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are proud to offer full-tuition scholarships for select online programs. To see eligibility requirements and available programs, please complete the form for consideration. Online Program Scholarship Form.

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Erica Jago is a graphic designer, teacher, and artist who designed and coauthored the bestselling yoga workbook Art of Attention.

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Eric Maisel, PhD, is a creativity coach, therapist, and author of more than 40 books who founded the profession of creativity coaching.

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Victoria Erickson is an author, poet, and founder of world-renowned creative writing workshops and immersions.

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Brynn Saito is a poet, organizer, and Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and English at California State University, Fresno.

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Seher Sikandar is a writer-artist, facilitator, storyteller, and creative strategist dedicated to weaving values of healing and social change through art, media, culture, and community.

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Tanya Markul is the author of The She Book series and is dedicated to helping others heal by holding sacred space for their stories.

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Monique Schubert, MFA and lead Kripalu faculty member, uses her 20 years of experience as an artist and educator to develop yoga and mindfulness programs for schools, workplaces, and cultural institutions.

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Julia Cameron, author of 40 books, is a songwriter, memoirist, novelist, award-winning playwright, and poet with extensive credits in film, television, and theater.

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