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Embodying Tara A Meditation, Mantra, and Yoga Retreat


Tara, the female buddha of compassion, is called the “savioress” because she is known for saving beings from the ocean of samsara, or suffering. She represents the essential nature of the own mind, our buddha-nature, and can manifest in each and every one of us in myriad ways. 

Join author and and translator of Tibetan Buddhism, Chandra Easton, along with devotional chanteuse and recording artist, Nina Rao, for a program that covers the first three of the 21 Taras: Turavira, Vajra Sarasvati, and Vasudhara. Learn meditations and mantras, hear stories of real life women who embody these qualities, and become inspired to bring the aspects of Tara alive in yourself.

Collectively, we will invite Tara’s energy to come alive through:

  • Guided meditations, gentle therapeutic yoga, mantras, and chanting 
  • Exploration of women and broader social movements that embody Tara's enlightened activities
  • Insight into core Buddhist concepts and teachings

Return home feeling more united in your body, mind, and soul.  

NOTE Nina will share beautiful melodies for the 21 Tara mantras and also offer a Kirtan for the Kripalu community on Wednesday, May 15. Learn more about the music featured in this program at 21tarascollective.org

Recommended reading Chandra Easton, Embodying Tara: Twenty-One Manifestations to Awaken Your Innate Wisdom

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Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Chandra Easton is a dharma teacher, author, chantress, translator of Tibetan Buddhist texts, and author of Embodying Tara: Twenty-One Manifestations to Awaken Your Innate Wisdom.

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Nina Rao learned traditional chants from her grandfather in a village in south India when she was a young girl.

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