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Emotional Detox for Unshakable Inner Peace


When we think of a detox, we usually think of a physical experience. But it’s not just our physical bodies that need to be cleansed of the impurities we encounter and absorb in our daily lives, it’s our minds too. Join world renowned spiritual teachers and  bestselling authors—mindset coach Shannon Kaiser and certified energy healer Sherianna Boyle—for a transformational weekend as they share their signature processes for freedom from fear so you can live in peace and joy

Through hands-on exercises, yoga, meditation, and more, you will learn 

  • How to transcend fear and rediscover hope  
  • A step-by-step process for intuition development and spiritual attunement 
  • Ways to understand your emotions and how they can guide you to personal breakthroughs
  • Gracefully navigate change and embrace reinvention  
  • Learn new methods to help you rid yourself of negativity, fear, worry, anger, and doubt
  • Techniques like tapping, breath-work, visualization and guided meditations to guide you back toward a natural, energized state of pure joy and acceptance.

This program is designed to help you flush out negativity and clear a path for new positive habits, behaviors, and emotions so you can be who you are meant to be. Whether you’re longing for a more fulfilling career, stronger relationships, a healthier body, or more abundance, these powerful processes for letting go of fear, frustration, and connecting to limitless freedom and love will guide you back toward a natural, energized state of pure joy and acceptance. Previous participants can look forward to some new exercises and cleanses. 

Recommended listening Unshakable Inner Peace: What Does That Mean, and Is It Possible? 

Included in Your Stay

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Detox and Cleansing

Emotional Detox for Unshakable Inner Peace Kripalu Retreat (June 23–25)


Sherianna Boyle is an international Emotional Detox Coach® and author of 10 books.

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Shannon Kaiser is a world-renowned spiritual and self-love teacher, speaker, and empowerment coach.

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