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Empath Training How to Stop Taking on the Energy of Others

For everyone.

Empaths have an intuitive ability to feel the energy of others and the world around them. Yet, empaths often run the risk of becoming overly empathic, which happens when you carry imprints, blocks, and unprocessed emotions, leaving your energetic body vulnerable. The true nature of the empath is not to become affected by the energy of others. To be an empowered empath requires a reparenting of outdated energy held in the lower body. WHAT YOU’LL EXPERIENCE
• Energy healing
• Clearing blocks
• Boundaries and balance

Join Wendy De Rosa, international intuitive energy healer, to learn what it means to live in your body as an empowered empath. Through a deep dive into the energetic system, this program helps you

  • Understand what is happening in your energetic body
  • Identify what is creating weak boundaries, hypervigilance, and oversensitivity.

You also experience a guided healing to release energy, patterns, blocked emotions, and imprints that unbalance the self and cause over absorption.

Note Wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal or notebook plus pen/pencil.

Recommended reading Wendy De Rosa, Energy Healing Through the Chakras; Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit.

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Wendy De Rosa, an international intuitive energy healer, author, speaker, and teacher, is founder of the School of Intuitive Studies and the Intuitive Healer Training Program.

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