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Experiential Introduction to Q’ero Nature Mysticism Inka Gold and Silver Storehouse of Human Identity


Traditional Q’ero ancestral wisdom states that each person born into this Earth is loved and guided by four parents, not two. Our human mother and father give us our body, yet it is our Mother Water and Father Mountain who shepherd us through to our proper end. These Nature Parents are our functional parents who love us unconditionally and provide the wisdom and living energy we need to accomplish our destiny.

Join Q'ero Master Teachers Don Martin Quispe Machacca, Aurelia Apaza Machacca, Doña Agustina Ccapa Chambi, translator Fredy Conde Huallpa, and founder of the Wiracoqocha Foundation, Elizabeth Jenkins, for a special workshop that offers energy practices, movement, sacred ceremonies, and more.

They will guide you to: 

  • Establish sacred reciprocity with your Nature Parents.
  • Request their abundance and learn how to open your personalized storehouses of gold and silver. 
  • Create your wahariquy, or invocation, with nature.

Return home more connected to the Earth's abundance and your own personal power.

Preview the Schedule

Friday, August 9

  • Evening Session Opening greeting between Mohican/Munsee and Q’ero followed by a traditional Q’ero offering and blessing ceremony.

Saturday, August 10

  • Morning Session Find your Nature Mother and Father and establish sacred reciprocity.
  • Afternoon Session Invocation to your Nature Mother and Father followed by guided embodiment practice.
  • Evening Session Discussion on how Inka Pallay (traditional Inka weavings) are created to carry the living energy and wisdom of the ancestors.

Sunday, August 11

  • Morning Session Traditional empowerment ceremony to invoke Nature Parents and imprint them into your body.

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Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Shamanism and Indigenous Wisdom


Elizabeth B. Jenkins, MA, MFT, is a spiritual teacher of the Inka Nature Wisdom tradition, an international best-selling author, and an American writer of popular spiritual books.

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Don Martin is a high priest and one of the most powerful masters of the High Andes, according to the people of Q’ero.

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Doña Agustina Ccapa Champi is the QOYA and eldest Ñust'a Paqo—and a highly trained Ñust’a Paqo in the lineage of Don Andres Espinoza.

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Fredy Conde Huallpa holds immense knowledge of all facets of Peruvian life and is the primary translator for the Global Paqo School, an internationally known online training program taught by Q’ero Paqos.

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Rochelle Schieck, creator of Qoya, a movement system that explores the essence of the feminine, is author of Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that Is Wise, Wild and Free.

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