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Guardian Qigong Boost Your Immune System


When your internal organs are strong and healthy, you radiate an energy field that protects your body from the environment. This energy—known as guardian qi—has the power to enhance the immune system. 

Join internationally renowned qigong master Robert Peng for a winter qigong immersion to revitalize and strengthen your body’s defenses. In this program designed for everyone from qigong students to healing professionals, you will 

  • Learn Huo Lu Gong, an internal organ purification meditation  
  • Practice the Four Cycles to concentrate guardian qi 
  • Discover how guardian qi energy increases a feeling of peace  
  • Explore how qigong can boost your immune system and develop your resiliency. 

This season, let guardian qi be the invisible blanket that keeps you warm and stress-free. 

Note All recordings will be available within 72 hours of the end of each session. You will have access to the video recording(s) and program content for one year after the program ends. 

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What is Qigong? Hear What Robert Peng Has to Say


Robert Peng, internationally renowned qigong master and teacher, has trained hundreds of thousands of students in workshops at Yale University Medical School, West Point Military Academy, Integrative Healthcare Symposium, and more.

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