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Moving to Heal A JourneyDance Experience


Are you longing to dive deeper into your body, soul, and sacred energy? The alchemic combination of movement and music can create the conditions for embodiment and healing. For some of us, getting back into our bodies is just what we need, and for others, the expression of our feelings and emotions can release stuck or repressed energy for a felt experience of freedom. Join Toni Bergins, creator of JourneyDance®, and Kripalu facilitators Antoinette Simms and Steven Hosking for a retreat of healing through ritual, movement, music, and artistic expression. 

During this healing weekend, dive into music, voice, movement, and creativity and go on a creative and sacred journey to embrace all of your parts, and create new, positive pathways for your mind, body, and emotions. Offer the deep parts of yourself the space, compassion, and acknowledgment to heal and be transformed; to embrace your own personal soul blueprint and connect with your authentic voice.

Become compassionate and curious witnesses to all these moving parts of your life as you take in wisdom and we regather yourself renewed, cleansed, and transformed. Toni, Antoinette, and Steven are committed to helping as many people as possible experience their highest healing now. Together, they will lead you in their unique styles, inspiring presence, passion, and joy with a deep appreciation for all you have been through. Come to this healing process exactly as you are, with nothing to fix. Experience a new sense of self, with more confidence, passion, and rejuvenating resilience.  

Included in Your Stay

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Dance and Movement


Toni Bergins, MEd, artistic alchemist and founder of JourneyDance, has helped thousands of people find emotional well-being through transformational dance.

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Steven Hosking, MA, LPC, is an expressive arts therapist, certified JourneyDance™ facilitator, and yoga teacher who grew up in the south-central forests of Connecticut.

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Antoinette Simms, certified JourneyDance™, has been dancing and teaching yoga for over twenty years, studying various yoga styles.

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