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Mysticism and the Science of the Luminous Body Ancient Ways for Modern People

For everyone.

Take a deep dive into mysticism and spirituality as you explore the science behind the lineage of the Incan shamans. Ray Crist shows how change happens in the neurons of the brain and the cells of the body, and how those changes bring a revolution to your luminous field and your life.

Elder Don Sebastian’s healing practices come directly from the Inca shamans and awaken ancient knowledge within you on a cellular level. Through a despacho ceremony (offering gratitude to Pachamama or mother earth), you reconnect with the vibrations of nature and find homeostasis in your body. Don Sebastián also connects you directly to his lineage through initiation with the Pampo Mesaiok rites.

Ray teaches how synapses fire in the brain and shares what researchers at Harvard are now saying about heart rate variability (HRV) and how your heartbeat connects you to your environment. Using step-by-step instructions, shamanic practices, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences, you learn

  • How neurons fire and wire
  • Shamanic tools to clear the chakras
  • What HRV is and why it matters
  • How to balance the energy body, cut cords from previous relationships, and redefine your destiny lines.

With these tangible and direct experiences, you can successfully integrate changes within your own body and consciousness.


“An extraordinary life-changing workshop! Ray reveals the threads that connect these two ancient healing arts and weaves them in a truly masterful way.” —Alberto Villoldo PhD, author of Shaman, Healer, Sage

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Ray Crist, a Kripalu Yoga teacher and shaman’s apprentice, teaches how to use yoga and shamanism to live a balanced, empowered life.

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Don Sebastián Pauccar Flores was initiated by his father as a pacho (Andean shaman), and holds an Incan lineage going back hundreds of years.

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