Joel Feldman

Joel Feldman, CPCC, certified coach, mediator, and consultant, has been coaching and training couples, individuals, and work teams for nearly 30 years. A founding member of Kripalu, he is codirector of the Conscious Relationships Institute in Durango, Colorado.

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  • The Yoga of Partnership

    We asked teachers what everyone wants to know: What’s the key to a happy and healthy relationship?

  • Let’s Talk About Sex

    In a country in which many people grow up divorced from their bodies, what is the role of sex in our lives? And how do we talk about it and navigate its challenges? In this piece, which features the wisdom of several Kripalu presenters whose work focuses on sexuality and relationships, writer and former Yoga Journal editor Nora Isaacs explores intimacy, communication, and fulfillment.

  • Intimacy, with Kate and Joel Feldman

    I’ll be honest here, maybe a bit sappy even. Want to know what my favorite song is? It’s “How Do You Keep the Music Playing?”, popularized by James Ingram...

  • Kripalu Perspectives: The High Art of Intimacy with Kate and Joel Feldman

    Kate and Joel Feldman discuss the intricacies of building love and trust in relationships, offer insight as to how yoga practices can help couples grow, and give tips for resolving conflict.

  • The Three Keys to a Fulfilling Sex Life

    Being present in the moment, relaxing, playfulness, and knowing your role (giver vs. receiver) all help to heighten a couple’s enjoyment of sex.

  • Deepening Your Love

    The science of love now confirms that human beings must have love just like we need food. Our immune systems function better, we have more happiness hormones running through our blood streams, we are more relaxed, braver, and our self-esteem is higher.