Lisa Jakub

Lisa Jakub is an author, Kripalu Yoga teacher, and retired actor whose film credits include Mrs. Doubtfire and Independence Day. Her latest book is Not Just Me. In search of a life that felt more authentic, Lisa retired from her 18-year acting career and moved to Virginia, where she has found a happier, more purposeful life as a speaker and writing teacher.

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  • My New Mantra for Moving Through Discomfort

    Lisa Jakub's new mantra, "Embrace your weird," is a reminder that everyone has something that brings up feelings of shame and inadequacy. We all feel weird and we’re convinced that no one will accept us if they ever find out.

  • Embrace Your Weird

    Kripalu Yoga teacher and retired actor Lisa Jakub reflects on the ongoing process of getting comfortable with your weird.

  • Try Not to Roll Your Eyes When I Say 'Self-Care'

    Lisa Jakub shares her take on self-care, including some of her favorites ways to relax.

  • Meditation: It’s Not What You Think

    Lisa Jakub has been meditating for years now, but she says the same thought flashes through her mind every morning when her goes off at 5:30 am: Meditation is stupid. Sleep is better.

  • The Key to Journaling Without Fear

    A journal is not a diary, says memoirist, retired actor, and Kripalu Yoga teacher Lisa Jakub. It is a place for us to dive into our emotions about our lives.