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Anxiety Management Through Yoga and Writing Learning to Embrace Your Weird


“To define the weekend in one word? Transformative. There are not words of ‘thank you’ accurate enough to explain everything I felt and experienced.” —Kat W.

The key to inner peace lies in learning to drop the story that pulls us to the past and future, so that we can truly be in the present moment. For those of us with anxiety, that seems like an impossible task, but there are proven ways to retrain the brain and create healthier habits.

Join writer, yoga teacher, and former actress Lisa Jakub and learn to live more authentically, whether you have a diagnosed anxiety disorder or simply get stressed out by the chaos of everyday lifeThrough yoga practice, meditation, writing exercises, and mindful group dialogues, Lisa will teach you

  • Tangible ways to understand your inner critic
  • How to increase compassion for yourself and others
  • Ways to access the joy within that often feels smothered by stress.

Access your inherent creativity in a supportive community and return home with tools to create more happiness and ease in daily life.

Note This program is appropriate for all levels, including beginners in writing and yoga.

Included in Your Stay

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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All levels
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Personal Growth


Lisa Jakub is an author, yoga teacher, and retired actor. Her latest book is Not Just Me: Anxiety, Depression and Learning to Embrace Your Weird.

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