Maya Breuer


Maya Breuer, E-RYT 500, has been teaching the practice of yoga to support health and wellbeing for many decades. She has created a number of programs that provide education about yoga for the BIPOC community. Maya founded the Yoga Retreat for Women of Color™ in 1998, to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with participants from around the world. The retreat has become a celebration and a joy-filled experience for many. Through her Santosha School of Yoga, Maya has provided training and certification for yoga teachers to continue carrying the torch of her vision for greater diversity in yoga. As cofounder and President Emeritus of the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance, and Emeritus Trustee of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Maya continues to serve the yoga community. 

Maya has contributed to many magazine articles including “Do Politics Belong in Yoga?” (Yoga Journal); “Why Yoga Teachers Say that the Practice is Essential for Times Like These” (; “The Meaning of Om” (; “Yoga Myths to Stop Believing” (; “Reporting on Crises? How Yoga Can Help Cope with Stress” (International Journalist Magazine); “Calming Yoga Poses That Yoga Teachers Recommend for Soothing Stress” (PopSugar); and “What Is the Best Way to Introduce a Yoga Practice to A Teenager at Home?”( Her work has also been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence , Heart and Soul Magazine, Common Ground, Black Women’s Health, Upscale Magazine, and more.

While participating in yoga research, Maya served as consultant and coauthor of the NIH sponsored study, “Back to Health: Yoga vs. Physical Therapy for Minorities with Chronic Low Back Pain” conducted by Boston Medical Center. Maya continues to study and promote the evolution, revolution, and contemporary perspectives of yoga. 

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