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Tai Chi Alchemy Opening Three Eyes

For all levels.

The powerful energies of taijiquan (tai chi) are accessed through the integration of body, mind, and spirit. Slow, graceful movements provide the foundation and the means for transforming consciousness—from preconscious to conscious to superconscious. In the superconscious state, we are able to access energy and information that is unavailable to the conscious mind. The ability to shift into superconsciousness, even when under stress, calms the nervous system and brings awareness into the present.

Opening Three Eyes refers to opening the eyes of flesh, mind, and spirit. From this integrated wholeness, we can authentically connect with others, soul to soul, and choose to participate fully in life.

Come explore taijiquan movements to embody subtle energies, and learn to bring them into your life. Not primarily a taijiquan form class, this program creates a firm foundation and instantly generates qi using the “Three Pillars”—whole-body energetic connection, finding the energetic “sweet spot” in a posture, and releasing hip and pelvic tension that blocks qi flow. Everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners can benefit from this deep exploration.

Recommended reading Rick Barrett, Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate and Finding You in a World of It; Martin Buber, I and Thou.

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Rick Barrett, a national and international champion in tai chi push hands, has practiced Chinese internal martial arts and energy healing for 40 years.

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