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The Yoga of Awakening

For all levels.

Explore the deeper dimensions of yoga, beyond the body, and discover your vast capacity for consciousness, empowerment, and connection. Based on Seane Corn’s best-selling DVD, The Yoga of Awakening, this program is designed to help you release the internal blockages that can keep you from love and also challenge you to see beyond your personal stories so that you can heal, forgive, and activate change from the inside out.

Find out how you can engage with life—mindfully, and with compassion—to help create a world that is free, fair, equal, abundant, and peace-filled for all. Using asana, breathwork, trauma-informed yoga, chakra balancing, narrative reframing, prayer, and spiritual reconciliation, Seane aims to wake you up to your essential nature and the power and presence of God within.

Note Friday evening and Saturday morning focus on body-mind flow, with a vinyasa flow class that unites movement with breath, and includes proper alignment and strategic sequencing to optimize physical and emotional release. Saturday afternoon includes a lecture on the body-mind connection, trauma, and how to use the chakra system to understand personal narratives, suppressed emotion, shadow work, and optimal energetic release. Sunday’s sessions explore Chakra Flow teachings, and challenging sequences designed to target areas of tension where emotions are often held. Monday morning features Mystic Flow, utilizing the power of prayer to deepen your connection to source, helping you see a larger spiritual pattern at play.

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Seane Corn, an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and public speaker known for her teaching, and service. She is the author of Revolution of the Soul: Awaken to Love Through Raw Truth, Radical Healing, and Conscious Action.

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