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Your Deep Core, a Full Breath, and Lifetime Resilience

For all levels.

Movement is a form of nourishment, and these days, many of us are malnourished by a diet of too much sitting, not enough variety in our movements, and insufficient core stimulation. Tom Myers invites you to remedy this by expanding your anatomical knowledge to improve your embodied experience of your dynamic core.

Tom is the developer of the Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians, which connect the muscles into functional units through the fascial fabric, giving you the ability to map movement patterns and shape change no matter what form of manual therapy or movement modality you practice. The concepts presented in this program can be applied to massage, bodywork, fitness training, Pilates, yoga, martial arts, and dance.

In the Anatomy Trains world, “core” is defined as those structures included within the coherent myofascial continuity Tom calls the Deep Front Line, running from the inner ankle to the tongue and jaw. This program works with the innermost core of the Deep Front Line, rooted in the balance between the psoas and the diaphragm. The methods offered here lead to practical and holistic strategies that improve stability, coordination, and resolve long-standing compensatory patterns of posture and movement. The overall aim of this work is to improve our “KQ”—our kinesthetic quotient or physical intelligence.

Recommended reading and viewing Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains (3rd ed.) and BodyReading 101; Opening the Breath (DVD); How Fascia Moves webinar available at anatomytrains.com

This program may be also taken as part of Kripalu’s 1000-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

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Tom Myers, LMT, directs Anatomy Trains, which offers courses in manual therapy and the anatomy of movement worldwide. Tom is author of the acclaimed Anatomy Trains book and has also written numerous book chapters and articles in trade magazines and journals.

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