The Essence of the Moon Goddess

The moon begins her ascent from the horizon in a graceful, majestic arc—soft luminous light flooding the landscape below.

 As she rises in the heavens, pulsing beams of radiant moonlight waken and transform the world far below her. 

Light and energy streaming from her toward earth intensify as she approaches the zenith of her nightly journey.

Within this matrix of light-energy, a form begins to coalesce, slowly and indistinctly at first, then quickly gaining focus and definition. 

The Moon Goddess materializes with breathtaking clarity and radiant beauty— compassion and unconditional love radiating from the core of Her being.

Descending from the higher spiritual realms into the physical world, She arrives to bestow Her blessings, guidance, and healing grace. 

Many of us were first introduced to the Moon Goddess through stories of ancient gods and goddesses from civilizations of antiquity.  

Many of us also learned that, while the Moon Goddess had played a central role in the mythologies of world cultures in the past, she had been abandoned as civilization had progressed. Belief in the Moon Goddess had been condemned by organized Western religions as pagan, heathen, and/or heretical. The scientific community had dismissed belief in the Moon Goddess as primitive superstition, myth, fiction, and/or fantasy.

It was a surprise to me when my spiritual studies as an adult led me to the discovery that many Eastern religions and indigenous spiritual practices not only accept the reality of the Moon Goddess, but also actively embrace Her direct participation in their lives.

It was an astonishing revelation to me when Ix-Chel, the Moon Goddess of the Maya Indians, first appeared to me at the ancient ceremonial site of Coba on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in 1985.  

With outstretched arms and upturned palms, the Holy Goddess—manifestation of the Divine Feminine—welcomes us. 

Surrounded by a magnificent aura of crystalline white light, tinged in azure blue, She brings balance, harmony, and grace to all beings.

Simply experiencing Her dazzling countenance has transformative powers, creating a deep sense of holiness, calm, and inner peace.

She sees all things within us and in return She helps us see the wholeness, perfection, and grace of the Divine within ourselves. 

In Her presence, every heart is open, every secret and shortcoming is revealed, every need is known and we are accepted and embraced exactly as we are. 

As we are seen through Her eyes and felt through Her heart, we are touched by Her unconditional love and compassion at the deepest levels of our souls. 

The Maya know the Moon Goddess as Ix-Chel. In ancient Rome, she was known as Luna; in ancient Greece, Selene; in ancient Egypt, Sefket. The Tibetans know Her as Lasya; the Chinese as Kuan Yin. To the Celts, she is Rhiannon. 

Despite dramatic differences between ancient and contemporary world cultures, She is universally regarded as the divine embodiment of healing, fertility, love, compassion, and grace.  

I came to understand and experience the Moon Goddess as an active, healing, transformative presence on the world. She is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine—the feminine aspect of the Godhead—and She is available to help us in our everyday lives. 

The Moon Goddess moves through sacred time and space, joining us in the material world to impart Her gift of Grace

Through Her guidance we are led on a journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment

In Her presence we are able to more clearly see and understand the greater cosmic cycles and celestial events governing our lives 

With Her we can master the unseen spiritual forces of the supernatural realm and align ourselves with the material and spiritual worlds

She is able to help us find our source of inner strength, focus, and determination and lead us to greater joy and inner peace 

With soft and gentle eyes and a nurturing healing touch, She reaches out to let us know “You are my beloved.”

Opening to Embrace the Moon Goddess 

The spiritual practices of indigenous cultures throughout the world include ceremonies recognizing the Moon Goddess and timed around lunar cycles. 

Although ceremonies often celebrate the full moon, Native peoples also focus on the new moon because it is the beginning of a new cycle and an important time to release the old and set intentions for the upcoming lunar period.

Embracing and working with the Moon Goddess, through meditation and ceremony, opens the door to greater insight, understanding, and mastery of both the material and unseen spiritual realms. 

Setting aside time to experience Her presence and connect with Her energy allows us to

  • Discover inner resources we never knew we had
  • Achieve focus and direction that has often eluded us
  • Align ourselves with the larger cosmic energies for greater balance and harmony
  • Receive guidance and inspiration for events transpiring in the future.

In Her presence, we can find an authentic path forward and discover the inner strength we need for our journey. 

 A Practice for Beginning a Transformational Journey with the Moon Goddess

  1. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes on the date of the new or full moon.
  2. Find an image online to represent the Moon Goddess that you particularly like (Ix-Chel, Kuan Yin, The Virgin of Guadalupe, Mary).
  3. Find a place to sit quietly where you won’t be interrupted.
  4. Place a lit white candle in front of you to represent the light of the moon and radiance of the Moon Goddess.
  5. Settle into a quiet meditative state.
  6. Visualize the Moon Goddess present with the candlelight representing Her divine radiance flowing from Her heart to yours.
  7. Feel yourself bathed in Her nurturing, healing energy.
  8. Allow yourself to fully experience Her unconditional love, compassion, and grace.
  9. Visualize yourself letting go of anything that no longer serves, replaced by Her divine essence.
  10. Breathe in Her loving, healing energy one last time as you express your gratitude for the gift of Her presence in your life.
  11. Visualize Her returning to the higher spiritual realm.
  12. Bring your awareness gently back to the candle and then to the room.

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Otto John Kralovec III has 35 years’ experience studying and practicing with Native American and Maya spiritual leaders and shamans and is an accomplished teacher, healer, and author.

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