Six Ways to Work with the Universe to Create the Life You Want

Understand that our thoughts create our reality. Spirits on the other side are creating and living the lives they wished they could have lived here. The difference is that over there they have no fears or doubts or limitations. Here on earth we are trying to come as close to that as possible, but it’s difficult. There are so many physical worries and obstacles that block us from pursuing our passions.

We all have the ability to create the lives we wish; it is our birthright. Imagine being born with a road map in your hands—or, in today’s world, the latest version of the Google Maps app. The map offers us a variety of choices—routes to take, landmarks to see, sights to visit. Whatever direction we choose to follow, each step of the way is of our own free will and will ultimately determine our destiny.

Here are six ways you can create that direction in this complex world, to enable you to reap the greatest rewards in your spiritual journey.

1. I believe in the power of the written word, which is why I urge you to start a journal. Clearly state in writing what it is you want to create. Be very specific—the universe will only respond to what you desire. Once you are clear and specific, write your wish in the present tense as if it is already happening.

2. Trust and believe that the universe will fully support what you want, and that what you are creating is on its way. When we open our minds to the limitless possibilities of the universe and tune into that feeling of support, we are setting up a solid foundation to create magic in our lives.

3. Maintain a positive outlook. The universe responds to our thoughts and feelings. When we are vibrating in a positive place, our vibration is raised high enough to connect to the powerful energy of the universe. When we are in this space, we are in alignment with the flow of the universe, and we feel unstoppable. 

4. Gratitude is everything. Think of gratitude as a cosmic savings account. Every “thank you” statement you make and feel in your heart is put into this account to build power into your manifestations.

5. Tap into your subconscious before falling asleep. Before going to bed, make your wish your mantra. For example, if you’re trying to attract a romantic relationship, focus on the word “romance” or how you want to feel in that relationship. Do it for about five minutes before you go to sleep. Just see it in your mind. When we program our subconscious, the signal to the universe becomes strong and clear even if we aren’t fully aware of it. Focusing your intention before bed helps your subconscious and soul do the inner work while you sleep, bringing your fruitions closer when you are awake.

6. Take inspired action. Trust that the hunches you are receiving, such as a voice in your mind telling you to contact someone or to read a book or to travel somewhere, are Spirit responding to your request with the universe. We are always being guided by our loved ones, angels, and spirit guides to follow the direction of our soul’s passion and purpose. 

We cannot control every detail of our lives, but we can control much more than most of us think. Overcome your fears and doubts and create the life that you wish. The universe is listening and ready to help you with your journey. 

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This piece was originally published on Bill’s website.

Bill Philipps is an internationally renowned psychic medium and author of three books: Expect the Unexpected, Signs from the Other Side, and Soul Searching.

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