Trust The Rumble

Life rumbles and roars when it’s time to change.

Life will usher you to and through sacred thresholds of change…to change you. A gift that arouses a soul journey of human evolution, healing, growth, and an awakening from one's slumber sleep-walk through life. Where presence penetrates the corners and crevices of our being to reveal the unseen to be seen. A spiritual reckoning of sorts that disrupts and shakes known conditioned habits and starts to shatter current familiar views, identity, and ego defense strategies. Presence invites us to touch deeply into the life that is here and available in every moment; which means learning to engage with our fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. To see, touch, taste, feel, and get to know the demons/gremlins/hungry ghosts within. Really meet more fully our unique bundle of emotional stimulus, control, deepest wounds, grasping, manipulation, loneliness, everything and anything that hijacks into states of reactivity. Presence further coaxes one to turn towards, lean in, and face the chaos of our neurotic patterns.

The chaos is home ground for awakening.

For the more we flee from our shadowy places the more they fester in the dark, our house becomes haunted causing these ghosts to express as unconscious compulsive shadow behavior. The only way to be free of conditioned patterns is through a full conscious experience of them. A delicate touch to the wound beneath the quick fix cover up bandaid. We become free of what/where we are stuck through embracing, meeting, and experiencing all of it in deliberate, intimate, nonjudgmental, and conscious ways. Welcoming everything we meet along the path and pushing nothing away sets in motion a slow natural process of unbinding and unwinding mental delusion, rumination, and story. The rumble begins to soften and tenderize the heart, often bringing us to our knees, a humbling in the release of old ways. The great unraveling becomes the great awakening. Shedding skins and laying down armor. What was is no longer, opening into new ways of being. It is a seeing that frees. The breakdown that comes before a break-through into more wholesome, skillful, and heartfelt ways of living not so trapped by past conditioning.

We must learn to trust the rumble, shake, and shatter.

Courageously open to waves of disrupt that roll through us and our life. Bravely come apart at the seams and allow outdated coping strategies to slowly fall away. This provides a grist that makes transformation possible. A clear seeing awareness cuts through all that binds, blocks, armors, and protects the heart/mind/body from its full expression of higher intelligence, wisdom, and love. Flavors of freedom ignite a liberation from the prison of conditioned patterns. The warmth of love’s influence slowly begins to melt the hard rough edges. A beautiful evolutionary development births the genuine being who embodies an open present heart right in the midst of the thick, dense confines of cultural conditioning. Touching the wholeness of life beyond the veil, an openness arises, gaining greater access to the gold of our true real loving nature- to what is most important, and what really matters in this one precious life we live.

Therefore, embracing the rumble of life becomes a Death in service of Life. For in every release, we emerge anew to begin again.

Jess Frey (she/her), E-RYT 1000, is a Kripalu Yoga educator, life coach, and artist known for her authenticity, motivation, and depth.

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